Your Summer Car Maintenance Checklist

Summertime is upon us, and sometimes we can get carried away in all the fun. With longer days ahead of us, all we can think about is relaxing and getting our tan on. The last thing you should be thinking about is your car, right? We hate to break it to you, but the hot summer weather can take a toll on your vehicle. Don't panic, though - Stamps Auto Tire Pros has your back. We've compiled the ultimate car maintenance checklist to keep your car happy and running for the summer.


  • Inspect Belts & Hoses. The engine belt of a vehicle runs between the alternator, the fan, and several other components. Intense weather is brutal on your car's belts and hoses, so have them checked for fraying and cracking.
  • Check Your Air-Conditioning System. Imagine driving in the Arizona heat without AC this summer. If the AC isn’t blowing cold air, has a mold or mildew smell, makes strange noises when turned on, or just isn’t as cold as it used to be, bring your vehicle into Stamps Auto Tire Pros for an AC service.
  • Coolant System. Summertime is the peak time for vehicle engines to overheat. Make an effort to inspect the level of coolant in your car periodically. 
  • Check Your Brakes. There is more to the brake system than just the brakes themselves. A comprehensive inspection of your brakes, pads, rotors, and fluid will keep you feeling confident cruising around town. It's best to have our technicians inspect your brakes for you.
  • Test Your Battery. Warm temperatures are troublesome for batteries, so have your car battery and charging system tested to make sure it has enough juice in it to get you through the summer. 
  • Inspect your tires to ensure they have the appropriate amount of tread and examine for holes or uneven wear. You should especially do this before hitting the road for a road trip, as hot roads put a lot of stress on your tires.
  • Use your oil dipstick to check oil levels. Wear on your engine increases as the oil level decreases, so make sure you're up to date with your oil changes.


We extremely advocate that you check off this list to ensure your vehicle is ready for the hot summer conditions. If you need assistance insåpecting your vehicle or have any questions about your car, visit Stamps Auto Tire Pros in Queen Creek, AZ.