Why is my Car Air Conditioner not Blowing Cold Air?



When Temperatures climb to over 100 degrees, your Car's AC System works overtime. With your Car's AC system working to overcome that Arizona blazing Heat. You may experience less than Cold Air coming from your Vehicle's Vents. This sometimes is very simple to correct and sometimes it is very Expensive to Repair. Reduced Performance in the AC System may be from normal Wear and Tear. Or it can come from Damaged or Malfunctioning Parts. A Leak can develop from a Hose or a Component and cause your Freon to be Low. Running your AC System on a Low Charge will Damage the Compressor. It is important to have your AC System routinely checked for Performance. Having your AC System Checked will save you Money in the long run. When the Compressor runs with low Refrigerant it lacks Lubrication. The Lack of lubrication will Create Catastrophic damage to your AC System. The Reduced Performance can come from part of your Vents or Blower Motor. Some include a broken Blend Door, Failing Electrical Motor or Defective Control System. Other causes can be coming from the Electrical or Control side of the Physical AC System. Let the Certified and Trained Technicians of Stamps Auto Tire Pros Check your AC System For Free.