Why is my Car AC Blowing Hot Air?



Summer is here. During your daily commute you rely on your AC System to keep you Cool. Nothing is worse than sitting in Rush Hour Traffic with no Climate Control. The most common cause of your AC blowing Hot Air is that your AC System is Low on Refrigerant. Leaks develop due to the nature of the conditions that your Vehicle experiences. Vibration from Road Condition and Climate Conditions. Some AC Systems come with a UV Dye in the oil. If your AC System does not have Dye in it. The best way to find the leak is to have a Trained and Certified AC Professional add Dye to your AC System. Sometimes you can see the Oil Residue where the Leak is coming from. Other times an Electronic Leak Detector will find the Leak. Continuing to Run your AC System Low causes Damage to the Compressor and other AC Components.  This Damage may be bad enough that you will have to Replace your entire AC System. Other causes for your AC System to Blow Hot Air is a Restricted AC Condenser. If the Condenser Air Flow becomes restricted due to debris your AC will blow Hot. Your Cooling Fan Failing may be the cause of low air Flow over the Condenser. Most of the AC Components have Electrical Control Systems that May be Failing.  This can also lead to your AC System Blowing Hot Air. Electrical Issues will need to have Special Diagnostic Equipment. This Equipment will find the root cause of the Failure.