Why Does my Check Engine Light Flash on my Dash?

The Check Engine Light is a warning light that informs you there is an issue with your emission related components of the vehicle. The Vehicles many Computers have control and monitor your vehicle's performance and efficiency that will affect the amount of greenhouse gasses that your vehicle emits. If your vehicle has failing components it will create more greenhouse gasses and will have decreased performance and your fuel economy will start to decrease.  

Why Does my Check Engine Light Flash? There is a lot of reasons for this from spark plugs, Ignition components like coils or spark plug wires. This However was a Chrysler 3.6 and had a failing roller in two of the rocker arms which did not allow the Valves in the Cylinder head to open completely which decreased the flow of air into one of the cylinders this in turn cause one cylinder not to have as much contribution and cause a miss. After removing the heads and inspecting the valves there was some severe pitting in the valve faces and valve seats.

Because of the pitting in the valves the Cylinder Heads were removed and sent to our Machine Shop Stamps Machine and they cleaned and checked the Cylinder Heads for cracks and resurface all the valve faces and all the valve seats as well as resurfaced the matting surface where the heads are attached to the Cylinder Block which is very critical the maintain the combustion of the air fuel mixture that makes the Vehicle Move.