Why does my Car need an Alignment?

Getting your Car Aligned assures your tires meet the road at the proper angle. Alignment also adjusts your Wheels to point straight Ahead. An Alignment adjusts the angles of your Vehicle's Wheels to original Specifications. These Alignment settings help to get you the best gas mileage and proper road contact. After you have new Tires installed is a good time to have an Alignment. The Alignment will help you get the best Tire Wear and Life. An Alignment should be part of your Scheduled Maintenance and done twice a Year. Rough Road Condition or Impact to the Tires will Need more Frequent Alignments. Signs that your Vehicle's Alignment is out is if the Vehicle Pulls to one side or your Steering Wheel if off Center. Another indicator is uneven Tire Wear. Having a Certified Technicians Inspect your Vehicle. They will inform you of the tell tale signs that you need an Alignment. Your Vehicle's Alignment Measurements are Very Fine. You will need Specialized Equipment to set these Angles. If you have loose or Damaged Steering or Suspension Parts. You will need to Replace these Parts or the Alignment will not stay.