Why does my Car Battery keep Dying overnight?



Your Car's Battery is a Storage Device that stores Electrical Energy. If the materials in the Battery become damaged or Diluted. Your Battery will not be able to hold the Electrical Charge for very long. Over time the materials in a battery will degrade. Excessive loads on a Battery can Shorten your battery Life.  Extreme Temperatures also shorten your Batteries Life.  Broken Battery holders will cause your Vehicle's Battery to slide around. This movement may cause internal damage to the Battery. It can also cause your Battery Terminals to come Loose.  Proper Maintenance and Inspections can extend a Batteries Life. Inspecting your Battery at every Service will help keep you from getting Stranded. A short in your Electrical Systems will cause an excessive current draw. When the Draw is present with your Key off you will have a Dead Battery overnight. Your Charging system handles maintaining the charge in your Battery. If there is a problem with your Charging System. Your Battery will not be Charging while you drive.  Your Battery will not have enough Electricity to start your Car in the morning. A Routine Check on your Charging System is important.Eventually your Battery will Fail. When you have to replace your Car's Battery you need to replace it with a Battery of the same dimensions. Also you need to make sure it has the same Electrical capacity as your old Battery.