Why Do My Vehicle Lights Keep Going Dim?

We may not have to rely on our vehicle lights during the day, but it is crucial to have them on when driving at night. Whenever our headlights grow faint or even flicker in an unusual way, it could dangerously impair our visibility. Nevertheless, others on the road may have a hard time seeing you too! Various problems can arise if your vehicle's lights start to malfunction. You can usually trace dim lights back to three problem areas: battery, alternator, and ground wires.


The first electrical component that you will probably think of first to check is the battery. Just like any other car part, your battery needs a replacement after lots of wear. An old or defective vehicle battery could be at the root of your dimmed lights. The most reliable way to test your battery is to have one of our professional techs do it. At Stamps Auto Tire Pros, we have all the necessary equipment and tools to test your battery in a swift.


If your battery seems to be okay, then the second place to inspect is the alternator. A weak alternator can cause your lights to go dim or flicker when the car is turned on. The alternator is in charge of charging your battery whenever you drive. If it stops replenishing power to your battery, then it will directly affect all your electrical accessories in your car (including your lights). We can test your alternator at our shop too!


If the battery or alternator isn't the cause of the problem, then it has to do with the wiring of your lights. If you have an older car or truck, then the ground wires may get loose over time. If you only notice the flickering when you hit a bump or rough surface, then it could very well be the wires. Thankfully, loose wires are a simple fix and only require the tools and a steady hand to tighten them. However, if the wires need replacing, then it may take more labor. In that scenario, you will have to get a professional with electrical experience to exchange the faulty cables.


If you have any problems with your vehicle lighting, battery, or alternator, please feel free to reach out to Stamps Tire Auto Pro. Our service team is reliable in auto repairs and has been providing quality service for years. Give us a call or visit today!