Why do my Car Brakes Pulsate?


There are many causes for Your Cars Brake to Pulsate. Stamps Auto Tire Pros Trained Staff will help you determine what is the Cause of the Pulsation. Most of the time the Rotors become Warped due to excessive Heat. This Heat causes the Rotors to become wavy.  When the Rotors start to rotate it causes the brake caliper to move from side to side. This is what you  feel as a pulsation either in the Brake Pedal or the Seat. Heat is generated when you brake. Excessive Heat will be generated when you ride your Brakes. Heat can get excessive when you are coming down a long hill and Use your Brakes too often. You should shift down to a lower Gear instead of using your Brakes. Brake Rotors are designed to dissipate Heat. But they can only Dissipate only a certain amount of Heat. Having very inexpensive Brake Pads installed on your Car will also tend to generate more Heat. Sometimes Defective Brake Components will cause Brake to drag. This can cause the Pulsating issues you are experiencing. You Need to have Your Brakes Inspected regularly by Trained Brake Experts at one of Stamps Auto Tire Pros.