Why do I need to Flush My Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid is “hygroscopic,” which means it actively attracts moisture from the air. This is often touted as the main reason to change your brake fluid. Many of parts of your braking system are made of metal. Flushing the brake fluid can prevent corrosion and failure of those metal components. Also because it attracts moisture water boils at a lower point than brake fluid. So as more moisture is absorbed in the brake fluid it in turn lowers the boiling point of your brake fluid. During hard braking the brake system creates a lot of heat and can boil the brake fluid. This causing the brake fluid to turn from a liquid into a gas. We all know gas is not good in hydraulic systems and will cause your pedal to drop to the floor. When this happens you will lose the ability to Stop. Come in and let our Trained professionals test your brake fluid and system for Free.