Why do I need to Change my Oil Filter?

First off let us explain what an Oil Filter is. The Oil Filter Filters the Oil. The oil is designed to Lubricate and Cool the Internal Moving Parts in your Engine. During normal Engine operation. Heat from friction and Combustion will cause the moving Parts in your Engine to Wear. The wear releases small deposits of Metals and Other Particulates. These small Particulates will Damage your Engine. It is critical to try and remove these Engine Damaging particulates. This is the Oil Filters Job. All Oil Filters are not all made the same. Some Filter smaller Particulates. Others have considerably less filtering capacity. All Oil Filters have a load Capacity. When the Filter Becomes clogged with debris Engine. So it is important to use a good Quality Filter. So how often do you need to replace your Oil Filter? Most Vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing you can lose Oil Flow and Filtering Capability. Oil Filters can be Expensive but not as expensive as replacing your Oil Filter every 6000 to 10,000 miles. If you are running Synthetic Oil this would mean you need to replace your Oil Filter every Oil Change. Because you cannot see inside the Oil Filter. Your Mechanic  will recommend replacing every oil change. So think of your Oil Filter as Cheap Insurance for your Vehicle's Engine. Let the Trained Professionals at Stamps Auto Tire Pros help keep you Informed.