Why do I need to change my Oil?


Stamps Auto Tire Pros is a leader in Preventive Maintenance. Meaning that if you come in for Regular Inspections we will Give you a Schedule of all the Important Services and Times to Keep you and your Vehicle as Safe as Mechanically possible. Engine Oil is one of the most Important components on  your Vehicle. The Engine Oil keeps your Engine Working Effectively and Efficiently. Make your next Free Vehicle Health Inspection at Stamps Auto Tire Pros. You should have your Engine Oil Changed at least every 5000 Miles or every 6 Months whichever comes first. Engine Oil Breaks down over time and loses its ability to Cool and to Lubricate your internal Engine Components. When your Engine Oil Breaks Down it can cause you Costly Engine Repairs. Stamps Auto Tire Pros wants to help Keep your Vehicle Running as long and as cost effective as possible. Prolonging your Oil Changes increases the amount of Harmful Emissions that your Engine Produces. Running on old Oil will also decrease your Fuel Economy. Dirty Engine Oil will also increase the amount of Internal Wear that is done on your Engine.