When You Should (& Should NOT) Use Cruise Control

Cruise control can be your best friend in certain circumstances. The cruise control function allows you to drive at a steady speed without your foot resting on the pedal. This feature gives your leg plenty of time to rest and enables you to focus on managing the steering wheel. If this feature is so great, why aren't we always using cruise control? Well-as fantastic cruise control is, there are instances where you should and should NOT use it. 


When You Should Use Cruise Control:

  • On Long Road Trips. It's nice to give your muscles a bit of a break when you are on the road for a long time. Cruise control is a helpful feature that can alleviate the strain of long driving stints when used in intervals.
  • There is Light Traffic. Cruise control lets you enjoy "cruising" on clear roads and helps you maintain a constant speed.
  • The Road is Straight and Level. It would be best if you only used cruise control on straight and leveled roads. Otherwise, you'd find yourself constantly switching the feature on and off for turns (which defeats the whole purpose of cruise control). 
  • When There Are Favorable Weather Conditions.

When You Should NOT Use Cruise Control:

  • When It Rains or Snows. During wet or severe weather conditions, you should avoid using this feature. In hazardous situations, you want absolute, total control of your vehicle to ensure your safety.
  • If You Get Too Sleepy to Drive. Driving when you're restless is never a good idea in the first place.  It is important to keep in mind that cruise control is not an alternative to rest behind the wheel. Cruise tends to promote "passive" driving, so switch it off when you start yawning.
  • In-City Driving. If you are driving in town where there are many turns, traffic signs, traffic lights, then do not attempt to use cruise control. It is nonsense to give yourself another thing to keep track of when you have to turn or slow down for stop signs.

We hoped this clears any confusion about when you should and shouldn't use your car's cruise control feature. Undoubtedly, it is a helpful tool for keeping your speed consistent and consequently improving your gas mileage. However, there is a certain time and place for it. If you experience any problems with your cruise control functions or require any other auto repairs, come to Stamps Auto Tire Pros. We welcome you to give us a call or visit today.