What is a Wheel Alignment Service?


When you are Driving down the Road, look at your Steering Wheel and see if it is Straight. If it is not Straight or when you let go of the Steering Wheel your Vehicle Drifts off to one Direction. You Need to have your Wheels Aligned. Come into Stamps Auto Tire Pros and let our professionals Check your Alignment for Free.  Vehicle Alignment Service is only one of many Automotive Repair Services we offer. We Check all the Angles of the Tires against Original Manufacturer's Specifications. If these Angles are Adjustable they are adjusted during the normal Alignment Process. Some Angles Need Specialty Cams. These Cams can be installed during the Alignment Process. The Cams will Allow Stamps Auto Tire Pros to make your Cars Wheel Alignment Angles fully Adjustable. These Wheel Alignment Angles are very important in Vehicle handling. The Alignment will help you get the most Life out of your Tires. Keeping your Tires Aligned will also help to improve your Fuel Mileage.  If your Alignment is way off it can cause Damage to your Steering and Suspension Components.  A good rule is to Have your Alignment Check every 6 months or if you experience any Pulling or Uneven Tire Wear.