What does the Wrench Light mean?

The Color of the Wrench is very Important. Some Manufactures use a Red Wrench. The Red Wrench tells the Driver that there is an Emissions related event that is happening. This in layman's terms is that the Engine is not Running rite and is causing excessive Emissions. When the Red Wrench or Check Engine light comes.  Bring your Car into Stamps Auto Tire Pros.  The Trained Technician will do a Vehicle Health Check for Free. This is to insure that you do not do Permanent Damage to some of the Components on your Vehicle. Some Vehicle Manufactures use a Yellow Wrench to let you the Driver know that your Car Needs Service. Most of the time this is an Oil Change or Tire Rotate. Other Manufactures use a Service light. This means your Vehicle has gone a certain amount of Miles or Time. The Light Means you are ready for regular Scheduled Maintenance. You can Drive a little while longer on a Service Light. You should Call or go online at stampsauto.com and schedule your next Service. If you have a Warning Light that is Flashing you should pull over and have your Vehicle Towed.