What causes Struts to go Bad?


Struts are strong enough to take a lot of punishment. After tens of thousands of miles, your struts will wear out. The Struts are constantly going up and down as you drive down the Road.  The rougher the roads the Quicker the Struts will wear out. Some of the signs your Struts are Bad are Cupping going diagonal across the Tread of the Tire. When you Stop, your car Bounces more than once is also an indicator your Struts are Bad. You May also Feel every Bump in the Road or you can see that the Struts are Leaking Fluid. The Leading cause of Struts going bad is Wear. The design of a Strut is to go up and down only so many times before it will Fail. Most Strut were out at 50,000 miles. Some Struts Life will be Shortened by rough driving conditions. Other Causes for Struts to go Bad are manufacturing defects or Physical Damage. This Damage can come from an accident or from Road Debris.  If your Struts are Bad your Braking Distance will be much longer. You will Wear other Steering Components out much Faster. You will also Have to Replace your Tires much more often.