New Year's Safe Driving Tips

Drinking and driving are among the most problematic causes of roadway accidents around the New Year's holiday. Whether you plan to celebrate with some drinks or not, you should plan out your rides and be extra cautious on the road. Driving can be especially dangerous this time of the year; the traffic may be congested, as most adults and kids have off for the holidays. In many parts of the country, the weather conditions are also harsher. In other words, you may encounter snow, ice, or freezing rain, making the roads extra dangerous for even the safest of drivers. We will go over what you can do to stay safe and beat the obstacles of driving around New Year's Eve and Day.

What You Can Do To Stay Safe

  • Plan out your ride if you plan on drinking. While there's no wrong if you want to toast a glass of champagne when the clock strikes 12, you should make smart decisions when it comes to driving. The bottom line is that you should NOT drink and drive. Instead, we advise you to designate a driver, request an uber/lift/cab, or take public transportation.
  • Don't plan to leave your car somewhere overnight.New Year's Day is one of the most active holidays for vehicle thefts. This is another reason why you should have pre-planned your transportation before the night of the festivities. Additionally, don't forget to lock your car wherever you go.
  • Drive slowly. This one's pretty common sense; safe driving means driving at or under the speed limit. You should know that many cops will be out on the night of a holiday so that you can avoid a potential speeding ticket.
  • Don't follow too closely behind other vehicles. You should expect to be in some sort of traffic jam, wherever you go on this holiday. The key to avoiding accidents in traffic is to take it easy by keeping a safe distance from your car and others.

Make Safe Driving New Year's Resolution

Last but not least, we want you to throw defensive driving onto your list of New Year's resolutions. Safe driving not only means practicing good driving habits, but it also means taking care of your vehicle with proper maintenance. For top-quality auto services in Queen Creek, AZ, or Sun Tan Valley, AZ, please call or visit Stamps Auto Tire Pros!