Key Signs It’s Time for A Wheel Alignment

While on your commute, potholes, and speed bumps can be unavoidable. Staying vigilant can limit the amount of damage your vehicle sustains, but no matter how careful you are, there are still road hazards that can wreak havoc. After hitting a curb, you may be tempted to check your tires and the bumper. However, the damage may not always be visible. Driving over potholes and hitting roadblocks can impact the wheel alignment. Misaligned wheels can significantly affect your vehicle's performance, handling, and drivability. Below are a few key signs; it's time for a wheel alignment. 

Your vehicle pulls in one direction.
A common sign of misaligned wheels is your vehicle pulling in one direction. If you're driving on a smooth, flat road, and your car pulls to the right or left, there may be an alignment issue. Before scheduling an inspection, check the tire pressure of all tires. If correcting the tire pressure doesn't help, it's time for an alignment. 

The tires are wearing unevenly.
When you have time, look over your tires and inspect the tread. Uneven tire tread can be a huge indicator that the wheels are misaligned. Do the front tires have the same tire wear as the back tires? If not, it's time to bring in an expert to do a thorough inspection.  

The steering wheel is vibrating.
If the wheels are unbalanced and misaligned, the steering wheel will vibrate. You may even notice vibrating pulsing through the brake pad as well. If the steering wheel vibrating is misaligned, it indicates the wheels are pulling in opposite directions. This is equivalent to your feel walking in different directions; it will cause massive jolting. 

The steering wheel is crooked.
Take a good look at your steering wheel. Does it look off-center? If you find yourself needing to correct your steering wheel's position while you're driving, it's time to have your alignment inspected.  

Wheel alignment service in Queen Creek, AZ 

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