Is There a Warning Light for Low Transmission Fluid?

A vehicle's dashboard display comes with warning lights that turn on to suggest that there is a problem with a specific system or a component in the car. Most car owners are familiar with the check engine light that delivers an amber light when there is an issue under the hood. There is also a battery light that glows when you turn on the car. The light can also indicate a problem with your car's power system.

So, is there a warning light for low transmission fluid? The answer is simple: "Yes." It is another critical warning light in a car that you need to be aware of and pay attention to when the alert light comes. Usually, the light blinks when the system detects an increase in fluid temperature, which can cause:

  • Redundancies when shifting gears
  • Acrid burning odor
  • Transmission slipping out of gear

Transmission Warning Lights Vary with Vehicle Model

You need to understand that every vehicle has a specific transmission light that might be different from the one in another car. That means that there is no specific light dedicated to warning you about low transmission fluid. A warning light that serves another system may also indicate a low transmission in some cars. For example, my car's traction control light may double as the transmission warning light while the check engine light may also check that area in other automobiles.

You also need to understand the transmission warning light does not always indicate an issue with the system, but it may signal you to take the car for maintenance. Most automakers indicate a scheduled maintenance program in the manual. For instance, you may be required to service the transmission system after every 100,000 miles. Because drivers tend to forget about that, the light may come up as a reminder to have the system checked.

Other signs and symptoms of low transmission fluid include:

  • The red fluid has turned brown or black
  • Oil puddles forming under the car

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