How often to change oil if don't drive much?

Stamps Auto Tire Pros takes the guesswork out of when to return for an oil change. We will include a sticker on your windshield that includes the mileage or date. Come in for your Oil change when the first one is up. We Base your oil Change on your manufacturer's recommendation. Detailed requirements can be in your vehicle’s owner's manual. Synthetic blend Oils need to change every 3000 to 5,000 miles. Full synthetic oils can last as long as 10,000 miles. Manufacturer's Server Service requires you to change your Oil more frequently. Server Service is if you Drive 5 miles or less at a time. If you live in extreme Hot, Cold Or Dusty Climates. Or you Drive on Surface Streets with Stop and Go Traffic. Most Carmakers recommend an Oil change every 6 months regardless of how many miles you drive.  Newer vehicles will alert you with a maintenance reminder on the dash when the oil begins to degrade. Make sure you continue to check your oil monthly and top it off as needed.