How often should you replace your Tires?

Tire Manufacturers provide Info that is listed on each Tire made. This information is the Speed Rating, Load  Carrying Capacity and the Expected Mileage. This Mileage Rating is based on Normal Driving Conditions. So the number of Miles you will get on a set of Tires may Vary. Your Driving Style can also affect the life of your Tires. Fast Starts and Stop will Decrease the number of Miles you can drive before you need to Replace Your Tires. Age and Temperature will also accelerate the aging process. An over Inflated or under Inflated Tire is also subject to excessive wear. As Temperatures change outside your Tire Pressure will need to be checked. Stop in at Stamps Auto Tire Pros and let us check your Tire Pressure for Free. Not only Tire Pressure but Frequent Tire Rotations will also help to get the most Mileage out of a set of Tires. If you do all the Described Maintenance you will still need to Replace your Tires at least Every 5 Years regardless of the amount of Mileage you Drive. Having your Tread Depth Check on a regular basis is also a great indicator when you need to Replace Your Tires. Stamps Auto Tire Pros is the Place to have all your Tire Concerns addressed.