How often should you replace your Brakes and Rotors?


Your Vehicle's Brakes are the most Important System related to Safety. As your Brake System Wears. You will start to experience longer stopping distances. This is normal but is a great indicator that you should bring in your Vehicle to Stamps Tire Pros. Our Trained Technicians will check the Life of your Brakes. Other Signs that are telling you that you need Brake Pads and Rotors are Different Noises when you apply your Brakes. Other indicators are Vibration or Pulsations when you push down on your Brake Pedal. As a General Rural Brake Pads will last 30 to 60 Thousand Miles. Brake Rotors depending on Manufacture can last over 100 thousand Miles.  All this Depends on what Kind of Driver you Are. Jack Rabbit Stops will shorten your Brakes Life. Carrying Heavy loads and Hilly driving conditions will also shorten the LifeSpan. But there is no set Mileage. Driving habits, road conditions, and the Make up of your Brake Pads will determine the life of your Brake Pads and Rotors. Brake Pads and Rotors have Manufactured Specified Thickness. These will need to be measured by a professional. If the Rotors are below specification they will need to be replaced. Sometimes the rotors are thick enough to be machined and can save you some money on a Brake Job.  Try not to overload your Vehicle. And do not Ride your Brakes. Double foot Driving is very hard on all your Brake Components.