How Often Do I Need A Timing Belt Replacement?

Car parts wear out over time, and nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck. We will briefly discuss how often you need to replace your timing belt to avoid being stranded and much more.

What's A Timing Belt?

Your timing belt is the rubber band-like component that turns your crankshaft, and it's one of many parts of a modern engine. To understand how often you need to replace your timing belt, it's first helpful to know what they are and why they wear out in the first place.

Why Do They Wear Out?

Your timing belt is constantly under pressure, and it goes without saying that rubber isn't the best material for this task. The constant turning often causes cracks in your belt to form over time.

Eventually, these cracks will grow until they can no longer support the tension of the engine, which then leads to a breakdown or complete failure.

How Long Until They Wear Out?

That's the big question, and it really depends on how well you take care of your car.

We recommend replacing every 60-90k miles for most modern vehicles with timing belts; this is a rule of thumb that we use at our shop to give people an idea about when they might need to replace their timing belt.

Do I Need To Replace The Timing Belt?

If your engine is making a knocking or ticking noise, it's time for you to have the timing belt replaced as soon as possible. Worn gears often cause these noises in the lower end of your vehicle, which will only get worse as the timing belt wears out.

If you're experiencing other issues with your vehicle, it might be time for a full engine inspection to see if there is any additional damage that needs repaired or replaced in addition to replacing the timing belt.

Can You Change The Timing Belt On Your Own?

Only attempt this if you have experience working with car engines. You will need to know how the timing belt interacts with other components of your engine. Replacing a timing belt can be much more complicated than changing an alternator or headlight bulb.

Moreover, we offer the best services at unbeatable rates; thus, there's no need of risking damage to your car. Bring your car to our auto shop and have one of our ASE-certified technicians take a look at it.