How Important Is It To Repair a Loose Gas Cap?

You go to fill up your gas tank, and after you finish, you grab the gas cap; however, the lid doesn't seem to fit tightly fastened anymore. While you may not think it is a problem and shrug it off, the truth is that a damaged loose gas cap needs to be replaced right away.


When you drive with a faulty gas cover, the gas will slowly escape and evaporate. In other words, you're essentially wasting gas. Not only that, but the check engine light will turn on because your vehicle is detecting a gas "leak" through the gas container. 


How do you detect a loose gas cap? The answer to this question depends on the vehicle you own. You can either read the fine print on the gas cap or refer to your vehicle's owner's manual to see how many clicks need to be heard before the lid is considered closed. In some cars, it is only one click, but it can be up to three clicks. If the gas cap is damaged or deformed in any way, it will trigger your onboard computer system.

If your check engine light is triggered, a specialist will usually recommend checking the gas cap first before bringing your vehicle to an auto repair shop. 


If you need a gas cap repair or check engine light, please bring your vehicle to the experts at Stamps Auto Tire Pros. We can conduct computer diagnostics and scan your vehicle's computer system, which will allow us to decode the problem. If it is a loose or damaged gas cap, you should feel lucky; these are easy to fix.


Don't cost yourself any more money by getting your gas cap repaired on time. For all your auto needs, please call or visit Stamps Auto Tire Pros.