How do I know when I need New Tires?

Two big deciding factors in determining when you need to replace your Tires is Tread Depth and Tire's Age. Tires that are 6 year old or older are past their Service Life. The Rubber can come apart or the Tire may Blow out. To check the age of your tire, find the DOT number on the side of the tire and find the last 4 digits of the Number. The first two represent the week the tire was built. The last two digits represent the year the Tire was Manufactured. So for example a (DOT AF WD9E 0517) this tire would have been manufactured in the 5 week of 2017. Even though the Tread Depth is above 3/32 a tire may need to be replaced just because of Age. The other Factor is Tread Depth. Every tire has a wear bar that designates 3/32. If the Tread is getting close to the Wear Bar it is time to be looking for New Tires. If you are having problems finding the wear bar you can use a Penny to check your Tread Depth. Put a penny in the Tread with Lincoln's dead down into the Tread. If you can see the Top of Lincoln's Head then you need New Tires. Come see the Trained Service Advisors at Stamps Auto Tire Pros for recommendations. All our Tires come with a NationWide Warranty. Now if your Tire Tread is not Even across the Tire you may also have other Mechanical issues going on. We here at Stamps Auto Tire Pros can handle all your Automotive Repair Needs.