Do you really need to Change Cabin Air Filter?



Your Cabin Air Filter Protects You and your Passengers from Breathing Pollens and Contaminants. The Cabin Air Filter does what it says it Filters all the Air that comes out of your vents or Ducts in your Vehicle. Even if it is on fresh air or Recirculate. Driving is a high Pollen area or Dusty conditions such as in the Desert. You will need to Change your Cabin Air Filter More Often. The Cabin Air Filter can become restricted over time. The longer it Filters out the Dust and Pollens. The Cabin Air Filter Will Become Plugged. This will cause a Decrease in Airflow coming from your Vents. This also puts Stress on your Blower Motor and Heating and Air Conditioning System. Come into Stamps Auto Tire Pros and have one of our very Experienced Technicians Check for Free to see if Your Cabin Air Filter is in need of Replacement. Most Manufacturers recommend replacing your Cabin Air Filter every 12000 miles. This is normal Driving Condition Not in the Desert or High Pollen Areas.  To answer the Question, yes you Need to have your Cabin Air Filter Replace. Doing this on a regular basis to keep you and your passengers Safe and get the most out of your Climate Control Systems.