Are Six Year Old Tires Safe?

Tread Depth was the standard for Tire Life. When the Tire Tread was Low then you needed New Tires. Today, Tires are mostly made of Rubber. Rubber starts to Degrade as soon as the Tire is Manufactured. At about 5 years the Rubber in the Tire Degrades at a faster Rate. Even if  you Store the Tire in a Temperature controlled Room, the Tire is Degrading. Make sure you check the Age of brand new Tires. Heat, Cold, Sun and Ice can increase the Degrading Process. Most Car and Tire Manufacturers recommend replacing Tires every 6 Years. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has said that an average of 90 people are killed and 3,200 are injured in the US every year in Crashes involving Old Tires. In 2013, Paul Walker was killed while Driving a Porsche Carrera GT with 9-year-old Tires.  These 9 year Old Tires  compromised their Drivability and Handling characteristics. Stamps Auto Tire Pros recommends maintaining the proper air pressure in your tires. We can also check your DOT Number for your tires "birth date”. Regardless if you bought them “new”.  One of the Tires that are often Overlooked is your Spare. The age of your Spare Tire is as Important. Come in to Stamps Auto Tire Pros for your Free Vehicle Safety Check.