5 Signs it’s Time for a Radiator Flush

The cooling system relies on a healthy radiator to regulate the temperature in the engine. The engine has several fast-moving parts that create friction and extreme heat. Coolant sweeps through the engine to carry away the heat, and the radiator releases it into the atmosphere. As you drive, the radiator can develop leaks and become damaged. Without adequate maintenance, corrosion can form inside the vehicle’s cooling system leading to small holes. This is where the radiator flush comes into play. Flushing the radiator eliminates rust, dirt, and other undesired contaminants that have accumulated over time. These pollutants make the coolant ineffective, causing it to struggle to cool the engine. To keep your cooling system running at its best, below are five signs, it’s time for a radiator flush.

  • There’s a coolant leak underneath your vehicle. 
  • The engine has overheated, but your coolant levels are high.  
  • There’s visible debris inside the coolant.  
  • The engine is knocking or grinding.  
  • A burnt maple syrup smell is coming from the engine. 

Radiator Flush Service in Queens Creek, AZ 

If you’re noticing any of the above signs, it’s time to schedule a radiator flush. A radiator flush provides several significant benefits, such as removing scale deposits, rust, and pollutants, that have accumulated over time. A flush also prolongs the life of your water pump by thoroughly lubricating the cooling system. It’s also the perfect opportunity to give the other essential components of your vehicle an inspection to ensure they’re working correctly. 

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